Along with NMTA Staff, the NMTA Board of Directors Subcommittees are a vital part of all that happens within NMTA. Subcommittee Members are listed below. 

Please feel free to contact NMTA Staff or NMTA Subcommittee Members with any questions/comments that you may have. 

Conference, Road-eo and Training

  • Elizabeth Carter (Subcommittee Chairman), NMTA Vice President and Rio Metro Regional Transit District
  • Mary Collins, NMTA Director and Clovis Area Transit System
  • Joseph Hardin, NMTA President and Zia Therapy Center/Z Trans
  • Ed Powers, NMTA Secretary and All Aboard America! 

Legislative and Communications

  • Anthony Mortillaro (Subcommittee Chairman), NMTA Director and North Central Regional Transit District
  • Stan Cooper, NMTA Director, AARP Representative
  • Joseph Hardin, NMTA President and Zia Therapy Center/Z Trans
  • Keith Wilson, NMTA Director and Santa Fe Trails - City of Santa Fe

Membership and Sponsors

  • Gary Guinn, NMTA Director and Creative Bus Sales
  • Mike Bartholomew, NMTA Director and RoadRUNNER Transit - City of Las Cruces

NMTA Board of Directors Subcommittees​